SMAC dust collector in front of a steel furnaceKeeping Transformer Vaults and Control Rooms Clean for Steel Mills

The Systems Group has developed the Self-Maintaining Air Cleaner (SMAC) designed specifically for the
harsh environments that exist in steel mills.

Keeping Transformer Vaults and
Control Rooms Clean For Steel Mills

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The Industrial Air Filtration System for Steel Mills

Protect Your Employees

with Hospital Grade Clean Air

Protect Your Employees

SMAC industrial air filtration systems can deliver hospital-grade clean air to all of your critical spaces, protecting your employees from harmful mill dust and other airborne contaminants.

Protect Your Equipment

Clean Air to Your Critical Spaces

Protect Your Equipment

Just as protecting your employees, your industrial equipment is the other key part to keep your mill running! The SMAC can deliver hospital grade clean air by pressuring rooms or filtering air before it enters machinery intakes.

Heavy Duty Workhorse

Designed specifically for Harsh Environments

Heavy Duty Workhorse

The SMAC was specifically designed for the harsh environment found in and around steel mills.  Made with 7 & 10 gauge steel construction, military grade door latches, a domed top, and no external bolt holes, the SMAC is a true air filtration workhorse.

Self-Maintaining Technology

with Pulse Action Cleaning that automatically cleans your filters.

Self-Maintaining Technology

The SMAC unit uses blasts of compressed air to periodically clean your filters on-demand, as needed based on dust load, or on a schedule, depositing sediment into collection bins to be disposed of later.  This leads to longer filter life and less maintenance than traditional HVAC air filtration systems.



The SMAC industrial air filtration system was designed specifically for the harsh environment found in and around steel mills.  Traditional room filtration involves a bank of HVAC filters that need to be changed on a weekly or even daily basis to ensure the mill’s equipment remains protected from conductive dust.  This is crucially important in EAF & LMF Transformer vaults where conductive dust can cause catastrophic arc flash, taking down your transformers and your mill.

The SMAC unit uses positive pressure, forcing enough air into the room that it is impossible for dust to enter, completely protecting your transformer vaults.

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SMAC industrial air filtration system installation for room pressurization
SMAC Bin Vent industrial air filtration system



Feeding your furnace with carbon, lime, and other alloy injections is just part of the job. Having to deal with the dust shouldn’t be! SMAC bin vents are sized to easily sit on top of your storage silos. Dust collected gets dropped back into the silo reducing material loss.

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More Industrial Air Filtration System Applications

Steel making process generating dust from Direct Reduced Iron (DRI) and Electric Arc Furnaces (EAF)
SMAC installation on a steel mill air compressor intake application
SMAC on a smoke and fume extraction application
SMAC for industrial dust collection applications
SMAC Bin Vent industrial air filtration system

“Here in the BRS Meltshop we have found multiple uses for the great line of custom SMAC solutions from the Systems Group. Whether it is pressurizing our 225’000 Cubic foot EAF Vaults with filtered air or it’s one of our many secondary sub rooms that are place local to the Meltshop equipment. We have seen massive improvement to the air quality in these rooms and have greatly reduced the required switchgear and equipment cleaning. In our EAF vaults we have coated the floors with white epoxy to further display the level cleanliness and improve the ability to see any equipment’s leaks or potential failures. These units need little to no maintenance as the filters last much longer than any HVAC panel filters, we have used in the past. I highly recommend SMAC products for anyone who is serious about improving the cleanliness of their equipment and reduce the chance of costly failures.”

– Jarad Havis | Big River Steel Meltshop Electrical Supervisor

“Systems SMAC units have changed the game in dust control. As a maintenance guy in the steel industry, I can appreciate equipment that’s easy to maintain and easy to use. After installing SMAC units in various alloy handling locations throughout our mill, the benefits were obvious. Surfaces and floors in the mill were staying cleaner and air quality had improved. The Systems SMAC units are superior to any other type of filtered bin vent or baghouse because of how little maintenance they require and ease of changing out bags. One man can swap out 6 bags in about 5 minutes with no tools required. These units have checked all the boxes from a mechanic’s perspective.”

– Graham Wilson | Nucor Steel Decatur Melt Shop Mechanical Lead

SMAC Bin Vent industrial air filtration system

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