Stop Frequent HVAC Filter Replacement

Self-Maintaining Air Cleaner Filters Last Years, Not Days



SMAC Filters are specifically designed for the harsh environments and heavy dust loads found in Steel Mills and all heavy industry.  Traditional HVAC filter replacement in these factories is normally weekly, sometimes even daily, more often than not by contract labor.

SMAC industrial air cleaners remove this headache by offering 1000x the life of traditional HVAC filters.  By switching to SMAC,  your people and equipment will not only be more protected by our Self-Maintaining technology, but you’ll also save on contract labor and filter media disposal costs.  As an added bonus on certain applications, dust collection drums can be thrown in an Electric Arc Furnace for material reclamation.

Self-maintaining SMAC Filters beat frequent HVAC filters replacement

SMAC Applications to End Constant HVAC Filter Replacement

Transformer Vaults

Systems has a long line of successful transformer vault SMAC unit installations. Our SMAC systems are in place protecting EAF and LMF transformer vaults across the country, eliminating conductive dust and arc flash. SMAC also does away with costly HVAC replacement filters.

Inside view of a transformer vault that requires frequent HVAC filters replacement

MCC Rooms

The SMAC unit can be sized for any single MCC room or even multiple MCC rooms. The SMAC comes in many different variations and is modular in design so making a standard model custom is an easy task for any size room. It also eliminates frequent replacement of HVAC filters.

Motor control center (MCC) room in a steel mill

Operator Pulpits

At Systems, we believe Safety is JOB ONE. That includes the air we all breathe. SMAC units can provide HEPA grade filtration to operator pulpits anywhere in your mill, protecting your employees. Still replacing those costly HVAC filters? SMAC That!

Inside view of an operator pulpit in a steel mill

Crane Cabs

Crane cabs operate where noxious gases and particulates accumulate most in a mill. End frequent and costly replacement of HVAC filters in this situation. Our SMAC units can be sized small and light enough to fit on a crane deck, providing HEPA-grade filtration to your crane operators.

Crane cab inside a steel mill

Air Compressor Intakes

Managing air compressor intakes can be a full-time job with constant filter changeouts. If too much dust gets in the system, it can turn into a compounding, very expensive problem. SMAC units relieve your headache with self-maintaining technology.

typical air compressor intake filter system that required frequent HVAC filters replacement

SMAC Filter Options

Nano Filters

SMAC self-cleaning Nano filters far outlast reusable HVAC filters

Nano FR Filters

SMAC self-cleaning spunbond filters are better than frequent replacement of air filters for HVAC

Spunbond Filters

SMAC self-cleaning spunbond filters are better than frequent replacement of air filters for HVAC

Most Advanced Nanofiber Technology The Nanofiber surface stops sub-micron particles from entering and becoming embedded into the media beneath the Nanofiber

Reduced Operational Costs     |     Lower Operational Mass Emissions

Less Pulse Cleaning Dust is easily pulsed off of the Nanofiber media because it remains on the surface

Industry’s Best Surface Loading Technology Enhances dust cake release, leading to longer filter life

Dust size graph and MERV efficiency ratings

“Since purchasing 12 of the SMAC Air Compressor Filter Units, I have saved close to $90,000 on filter cost over the first 6 months of use.” -Steel Mill Air Compressor Maintenance Supervisor

SMAC Easy Filter Change Out

Photo sequence demonstrating ease of changing out SMAC filters
  • Disengage filter pan lock
  • Slide filters out
  • For rear filters, use included filter pull tool
  • Slide new filters in
  • Re-engage filter pan lock

SMAC THAT constant and costly HVAC filter replacement.

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SMAC OEM Replacement Filters

Replacement industrial dust collector filters for Donaldson Torit, RoboVent, Camfil Farr, American Air Filter +Many Others

Have a current dust collector that you just need replacement filters for? SMAC That!  SMAC cartridge filters are made for all makes and models of industrial dust collectors on the market.

SMAC Filters can be used on any application, room pressurization, or manufacturing process that requires dust, smoke, or fume extraction.

  • Camfil Farr APC

  • AAF – American Air Filter

  • Donaldson Torit

  • Messer

  • Lincoln Electric

  • Flex-Kleen

  • Robovent

  • Airflow Systems

  • UAS – United Air Specialists

  • MAC

  • Steelcraft

  • Sly

  • Trion

  • Pneumafil

  • Plymovent

  • Micro Air

  • Avani

  • Not listed? Ask us!