The Self-Maintaining Air Cleaner was designed specifically for the harsh environment found in and around steel mills. SMAC room air pressurization is the most efficient, cost-effective, and lowest maintenance solution for keeping critical spaces clean.

Traditional room filtration involves a bank of HVAC filters that needs to be changed weekly or even daily to ensure the mill’s employees and equipment remain protected from harmful or conductive dust. These frequent changes can add up to a lot of money spent on labor and filter media.

Room pressurization solves the problem of conductive dust in electrical spaces

So How Does Room Pressurization Work?

Opening a door and not feeling air coming out, or even worse, the air being pulled in with negative pressure, is a problem.

Room pressurization with positive clean air keeps conductive dust and other harmful contaminants out! SMAC does this by forcing enough clean air into the room that it is impossible for dust to enter. You can tell when a room has positive pressure if you open a door and can feel air coming out.

Room Pressurization Applications

  • EAF/LMF Transformer Vaults

  • MCC Rooms

  • Electrical Equipment Rooms

  • Operator Pulpits

  • Crane Cabs

  • Office Spaces

  • Motor Drive Rooms

  • Reactor Rooms

  • Rectifier Rooms

  • Laboratories & Testing Facilities

  • Hydraulic Rooms

  • Compressor Rooms

SMAC is the solution for many room pressurization applications commonly found in steel mills. Systems has a long line of successful transformer vault SMAC unit installations. Our SMAC systems are in place protecting EAF and LMF transformer vaults across the country, eliminating conductive dust and arc flash.

The SMAC unit can be sized for any single MCC room or even multiple MCC rooms. The SMAC comes in many different variations. It is modular in design so making a standard model custom is an easy task for any size room. Control room pressurization couldn’t be simpler.

At Systems, we believe Safety is JOB ONE, that includes the air we all breathe. SMAC units can provide HEPA grade filtration to operator pulpits anywhere in your mill, protecting your employees.

Crane cabs operate where noxious gases and particulates accumulate most in a mill. Our SMAC units can be sized small enough and light enough to fit on a crane deck, providing HEPA grade filtration to your crane operators.

Room pressurization with the Self-Maintaining Air Cleaner (SMAC) replaces changing HVAC filters weekly

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