Calculate Your Return on Investment of a SMAC

You’re tired of spending the money associated with changing HVAC filters. The material cost of the filters is obvious, but are you also counting the cost of the contract labor to change those filters? That’s where the real cost is. It’s likely even more if you’re paying employees to change them rather than contractors.

To help you assess how much you’re actually spending, we have created the SMAC Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator. It also computes how much money you’ll save using SMAC technology and its pulse-cleaned filters. We have a version specifically for air compressor filtration applications, too. Request it now!

Easy to Use

The SMAC ROI Calculator is an Excel spreadsheet that we’ve made simple to use. Just fill in the white fields with your data.

We’ll help you by providing the cost of the SMAC unit appropriate for your application. The cost of a full replacement set of SMAC filters will also be determined.

Request your SMAC ROI Calculator now.